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This natural roll-on treats your pain with a pure and organic combination... 

Hemp, with its naturally occurring CBD (cannabidiol), strengthens the power of menthol's effects... 

Keeping your Roll-On with you all day is easy; just reapply it as necessary when you need quick and penetrating relief. 

Forget about homeopathic ointments that provide no real help, and opt for the natural solution that is both safe and actually effective!

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This POWERFUL plant ingredient combination is not only convenient and all-natural, IT WORKS!


So let's learn about the amazing plants that give our Pain Relief Roll-On with CBD its unique capabilities, starting with the two most powerful!



Hemp has a history of being used topically to soothe and calm and has long been admired for its impressive capacities... Luckily, this plant has had a resurgence! And we've grown to see just how great it is. Reinforced with menthol, our Roll On with hemp penetrates deeply. 


Peppermint does more than just freshen breath and signal Christmas... You may have heard of menthol which makes up more than 40% of peppermint oil.

Menthol provides relief with a cooling sensation… It is a counter irritant, providing distraction and instant relief. This powerful plant extract has been proven to be a useful antidote to pain.

Arnica Montana

Arnica montana is a plant that has a long tradition and history of use in folk lore and plant medicine.

The benefits of arnica montana include relieving pain, especially those that are related to arthritis and injuries such as sports injuries. It is a popular herb for athletes to use because when applied topically it can have a positive effect on pain. It is a popular herb to use in Germany and you can readily find it in both the dried herb form, in homeopathic pills, and as a topical preparation.

Indian Frankincense

A 2008 study in India, where Indian frankincense/boswellia is a traditional remedy, found that a supplement called 5-Loxin significantly improved OA pain and function within seven days and slowed cartilage damage after 3 months.

A 2008 British review found Indian frankincense/boswellia safe and effective for both OA and RA, though results of RA trials have been mixed.